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The Joys of Being a Grammy

The day you go visit the grandbaby or the “grand princess” and she walks you to the door and says multiple times, “bye honey” “bye pumpkin” “see you later” “I love you”  repeat. Precious

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GSNC 7B-600

In any case where the court has determined that the appointment of a relative or other suitable person as guardian of the person for a juvenile is in the best interest of the juvenile and has also made findings in accordance with G.S. 7B-907 that guardianship is the permanent plan for the juvenile and the … Continue reading »

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Willing To Be as Patient as I Need to Be

I am hopeful today. More so than I have been since the death of my daughter. My daughter Amy, and Aidan’s father did no parenting.  Aidan was born and came into my home from the hopsital. Yet, after having raised and cared for this amazing little boy for 8 years, he was taken from my … Continue reading »

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Good News

I wanted to share that my son is preparing to go for joint custody for my oldest grandson.  He is very proud of what we are going for and he is actually listening to me what needs to be done.  I am sad I may possibly not be able to take him to see family … Continue reading »

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More Than 50 Years Later

I can’t help wondering just how my very kind, gentle and loving grandfather would feel to know that his words and those beautiful spiritual teachings have stayed with this grandaughter through decades after his passing. For anyone to doubt that a grandparent is so unimportant in the lives of children bespeaks to a total lack … Continue reading »

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Only grandchild until…

I was the only grandchild my grandmother ever knew.  I nicknamed her “House” when I was a young child, the story behind that is every time my mother would put me in the car I would scream “House, House”.  They long thought I hated car rides, until they put it together I wanted to go … Continue reading »

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I Just Want To Be Nana

My Prayers and Heartache: Dear God, Please help me to understand why, or how anyone could be so cruel to simply cut communication and contact with my grandson after I have raised him for 8 years!?! He was simply removed from my home Christmas Eve, 6 months after his mother died. I received no conversation, … Continue reading »

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A Parent and Grandparents Dream for Grandparents Day

Last night I had several pleasant dreams, I dreamt first of my paternal grandparents. I saw my grandmother placing a homemade hot pumpkin pie and apple pie on the window sill to cool. I could smell the sweet aroma in the air, remembering how great those pies use to taste. Then smelling her southern fried chicken … Continue reading »

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Happy Grandparents Day

Happy Grandparents Day!

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A Big Thank You

      Thank you for allowing me access  to your site.  I just began a Facebook page for grandparents in Virginia.  I am in touch with John Schafer  who has been giving me input on just how to go about this.  I am a grandmother a Nana to 3 beautiful girls ages 10, 4, … Continue reading »

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